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Building and Beer

Next week I'm going to return to those accounts of the seemingly endless and tedious sounding meetings I spend lots of time attending but today I have one of my more interesting regular meetings plus a very much lighter event (apart from the impact on my waistline).

First is the Design Review Board, something I attend in my role as design champion for the City Council and which looks at how we get the best in design quality, in value for money, and in learning environment out of the £hundreds of millions currently going into new and refurbished schools across the city. Today, amongst a number of items, we are having a look at progress at St.Agnes, the school built almost entirely out of timber, from sustainable sources of course, just one example of Council officers looking not only for new and better ways of doing things, but ways that save time and money as well.

Later it's the Manchester Food and Drink Festival down in Spinningfield and judging the beer competition, a task for which I believe I am eminently suited. Talking about Spinningfield, tomorrow the Civil Justice Centre is up for the country's premier architectural prize, the Stirling Prize. I have a special interest in this having been on the Jury that chose this design and design team but unfortunately I can't go to the Awards Ceremony because of other commitments. I will of course be keeping my fingers crossed for everybody involved the development of this fantastic and very functional structure and wishing them to bring the prize home.

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