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8.00 a.m. and a meeting at Government Office North West which I'm attending as Chair of the Regional Housing Group. The meeting is chaired by Deborah McLaughlin, currently Director of Housing in Manchester, but here acting as Regional Director of the Homes and Communities Agency, a role she formally takes up on December 1st, and the purpose is to see what we can do in the field of housing to address our current economic woes.

Apart from the immediate impact on the building industry, if we don't get house building going again we are going to rapidly end up with an even bigger housing shortage because all though houses aren't being sold in anything like the numbers or at anything like the prices they were a year ago, there is still demand out there.

Then it's off to London to speak at a major Civil Engineering conference - definitely a theme to the day so far - accompanied of course by a case load of papers to read. Back to the Town Hall this evening for the NOISE ' Creative Futures Manchester ' portfolio event. Suspect I've lost everybody now including myself. It's a showcase event giving young talent the opportunity to present their portfolios to leading industry professionals as part of the 'Dream Jobs' project. I know I've said it many times but our city's future lies in knowledge, creativity, and innovation and I'm more than happy to be supporting in this two day event which gives a unique opportunity for talented young people with the get-up-and-go to use that talent.

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  1. Andrew CUBE & CCI Says:

    It is great to see that you have inclination and time to support the Construction Industry ( being different from Design in both housing and Infrastructure sectors. With over 165000 employees and over 10% of GDP it is a key area of economic influence as well as holding essential skills for regeneration & recovery. The SME base within Construction are looking towards the Public sector for leadership and example and in MCC, at least, they seem to be getting it. Please keep it up. Sounds like a duff days travelling to me - so try and travel less too, for your own sake. Nice way to finish the day though with a cocktail of "Dreams and Youth".



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