Democracy at Work

Because this is the Council's website even as Leader of the Council I'm not allowed to discuss the biggest local matter of the moment, Greater Manchester's Transport Innovation proposals and the referendum currently underway. It's a matter that the City Council has a very clear view of, with support on a cross-party basis, but I'm now not allowed to explain why we came to that view, so I will have to refer you to the various Council minutes available on this site, or for a more up-to-date assessment tune into Channel M at 6pm this evening where I am allowed to talk about TIF.

TIF may be the big local issue but for importance it is dwarfed by the global economic crisis. This morning Executive Members of the Council meet with the Strategic Management Team first of all to look at the current state of our business planning for next year, and much of what the Council does will be directly impacted on by the credit crunch, and then to look at the social impacts of the recession and at what the Council can do to mitigate against potential impacts on our citizens. We are incorporating this into the work of the group already meeting regularly on the economy and in the meantime would urge any Manchester resident suffering severe consequences eg. made redundant, facing repossession etc to get in touch with the Council or one of the Advice Services we support. The final issue we discuss is Climate Change. We are determined to implement the principles we have consulted on earlier in the year, and to make sure the need for short-term economic action doesn't undermine the longer term challenge of global warming.

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