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On the rails

A later start today, at least as far as formal meetings go, with a trip to Salford Quays for a Central Salford Urban Regeneration Company Board meeting. Still lots of activity taking place across the URC area and just as with East Manchester it is vitally important to maintain momentum through the downturn.

One of the presentations this morning shows the importance of Manchester and Salford working together as we look at master planning for the area currently described as City Centre North, an area encompassing the Co-op site, Victoria Station and Chetham's School, the Boddingtons site, Exchange Station and Greengate - all part of the regional centre and areas that can best be redeveloped by planning across the two cities' boundaries.

The theme continues later in the day with our monthly meeting to look at housing policy and housing activity in Manchester. Still a pretty bleak picture in the short term but we are beginning to see ways to drive the city forward and out of the credit crunch that still has a stranglehold on housing sales. After that we look specifically at Collyhurst and how in the current climate we can recast plans to make major improvements to housing and overall quality of life in that part of the city.

I have to mention TIF. The ballot closes tomorrow and if you haven't voted shame on you but there is still time!

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  1. william nightingale Says:

    your having a laugh recast what plans for collyhurst we are in desperate need of regeneration recognised by you in 2004 what has happened to the £160million why cant you use that to at least give us some hope that things are begining to get done all we hear off you and kerney is some time soon well the people of collyhurst are getting fed up with your lack of enthusiasm to get us out of the mire you have placed us in, and stop blaming everything on the economic downturn stand up and take responsibility for your inactions towards collyhurst after all the decline of collhurst started well before this slump so stop behaving like a first world war general and lead from the front



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