Sent to Coventry

Looking at the paper this morning on the tram on the way into town I read that today was supposed to be the most miserable of the year.

Well a budget meeting at 8am with the Treasurer and Chief Executive is probably not the most fun I'll ever have but knowing we are now very close to a balanced budget next year that meets commitments on Council Tax levels was reasonably cheery.

Then on to the Band on the Wall of which I am a patron (although I'm not really sure what that means) to see where they are up to with their refurbishment and expansion into the building next door. When the venue reopens later this year it will have been missed for getting on for 5 years and I'm certainly looking forward to having one of our most distinctive live music venues back.

This afternoon I travel to Coventry and my alma mater, Warwick University, for the AGM and annual conference of the Local Government Research Centre. I'm only away for 24 hours (that's if you can ever be away with a Blackberry) but it will be a chance to think, debate and learn - and do I hear you saying not before time?

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