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Never Too Old to Learn

A dismal weekend! Not the weather - I quite like having a ‘proper’ winter and still enjoy getting up to a snow covered landscape - but City's performance at Stoke was dire enough to make coming to work on the tram this morning packed in like sardines almost a pleasure.

The next three days sees an external review of the Council's customer, information technology, and information strategies (no, the last two aren't the same thing) under the auspices of the local government Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) by a team including experienced peer reviewers like the Chief Executive of Wigan and the Leader of Barnsley. This isn't an inspection but an opportunity for external challenge and an opportunity to learn.

Learning will be the theme for the day as I will be spending the afternoon at the Quays being trained in changes to company law at a session organised by Central Salford Urban Regeneration Company although before that I have a meeting on what is not currently my favourite subject - transport - the meeting involving various AGMA leaders and representatives of the Regional Leaders' Forum looking at the fascinating subject of Regional Funding Allocations. The day will end back in Crumpsall with me taking my turn at our weekly Crumpsall Councillors Advice Bureau. We'll see how many citizens brave the cold tonight!

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  1. bicolouredpythonrocksnake Says:

    Nope, I didn't understand a word of that. What?

  2. stephanie Says:

    it's not so difficult when you try. To summarise:
    the Leader was upset about City losing, did not mind the weather and had a busy day ahead training in new laws. Simple really.

  3. Martin Toal Says:

    Get information Technology and Insormation strategies together and see if you can get the digital information displays in the bus stops working. It's a crying shame to hear much about technological innovation and yet not having basic implmentation working and well maintained.

  4. Harry Spooner Says:

    Travelling to work this morning, I too was disappointed. I see that somebody has allowed the demolition of the old Daily Herald offices on Oxford Street. Ah well, another break with Manchester's progressive past.

  5. Richard Leese Says:

    Thanks Stephanie. Think I could do with you editing the blog and not just commentating on it and Martin I agree with you, don't like buck passing but that's a job for the PTE



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