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B of the Budget

Today is our regular meeting of the Council's Executive which is attracting quite a lot of media attention.

Quite right too, because this is the most important Executive meeting of the year, the one in which we agree our recommendations to the Council on our budget for next year. It's the meeting at which we agree what Council Tax level we propose for next year, rent levels for the remaining Council tenants, and how we plan to spend hundreds of millions of public money, things the Manchester public need to know about. But you will see virtually nothing on Manchester City Council's budget in our local media.

You will see a bit about our proposals for the Town Hall Extension, Central Library and St.Peter's Square. After seventy years these buildings are definitely beginning to feel their age, and the Central Library building in particular is in urgent need of attention. These civic buildings, which would probably be totally unaffordable to erect nowadays, are a vital part of our city's heritage, and the work we are going to carry out will not only guarantee them another seventy years of useful life but will make them better suited to meet the service requirements of today and tomorrow's world and make the environment around them one worthy of a world-class city. The work will of course also create hundreds of jobs at a time when we really need them.

But that's not why the media are here. They're here for the B of the Bang, not the B of the Budget. Is it just me that thinks that maybe they need to look at the P in their Priorities.

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