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B day

Not birthday celebrations or a diatribe on sanitary ware but something I have talked about before, the Council Budget.

Today the full Council meets to decide next years budget, the most important decision the Council makes in any given year, the one that has most impact on Manchester residents, and probably the one people know the least about other than of course the issue of Council Tax levels.

Talking about Council Tax, and Manchester has one of the lowest Council Tax levels in the country, budget council is rapidly followed by council tax bills landing through over 200,000 letter boxes. I'm not planning to go through the budget here but accompanying each bill is loads of information about what your money is spent on (although Council Tax only accounts for around 10% of the Council's annual expenditure) and if you want even more information you are entitled to ask and get a response.

There are 2 responses to “B day”

  1. Citizen Stuart Says:

    If Manchester has one of the lowest levels of Council Tax in the country, then I pity the others. You tax the working poor beyond their ability to pay, then set the bailiffs on them when they fall behind. If someone had deliberately set out to create an unfair and oppressive taxation system, I don't think they could have done much better.

  2. Richard Leese Says:

    I'm going to risk confusing readers with facts. Over the last ten years, the Council tax set by Manchester City council has increased by 23.24%. In the same period of time RPI has increased by 27.9% and the national average Council Tax increase was 59.23%. So Manchester has been consistently outperforming inflation and the rest of the country. Over the same period average wages in Manchester have increased by 42.07%, again better than the increase in national average earnings. Fact, Council Tax in Manchester has gone up by less than inflation and significantly less than earnings which means Council Tax payers lucky enough to live in Manchester are actually better not worse off in real terms.



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