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Wish you were here

Today is the meeting of the Executive Committee. There are a lot of important items but most of them sufficiently tedious - aren't all council committees totally tedious? I hear you say - for me not to dwell on them. The Chief Reporter, perhaps only reporter bearing in mind announcements earlier this week, from the Manchester Evening News puts in a brief appearance but clearly can't cope with the excitement as he only stays around for five minutes at most. Having said that I repeat that there are a number of important reports and you can access them all (except one) by clicking on the link immediately below Leader's blog on the Council web site.

Those of you that read the business pages or receive the daily feed from a number of business magazines will have seen lots of coverage this week of something called MIPIM. Yesterday Airport City was launched at MIPIM, today The Corridor (the new name for the City South partnership which in turn was the new name for the Oxford Road Corridor partnership) is launched. Why are thirty seven Manchester companies and organisations joining with the City Council and Marketing Manchester to spend a week promoting Manchester in Cannes on the Cote d'Azur.  MIPIM, or le Marche International des Professionnels de l'Immobilier to give it its full title, claims to be the world's premier property convention and exhibition. Delegate attendance is around 15,000 with a similar number of non-delegates on the fringes. Manchester has had a major delegation there for ten years now, this being only the second time in that period that I've not attended for at least part of the week. MIPIM came out of the last recession and has grown into probably the best single place to sell the city to the world as a development location as well as being one of the most time efficient places not just to network but to have meetings in minutes that would otherwise take weeks to arrange. Clearly the job of the City Council is to support Manchester business and that is even more important during the current global downturn. The City is pursuing a wide range of actions to help us, our people, our businesses beat the recession. One of them is to redouble our efforts to promote Manchester has a global city.

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