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FAns ?

I've joined with Councillor Joe Anderson from Liverpool in complaining to the FA about the timing and location of the United/Everton FA cup semi-final.

Not only do both sets of supporters have to travel to London for the game to help pay for the ludicrously expensive new Wembley, the game is timed at 4.00 p.m. on a Sunday to suit TV meaning it will be late into the night by the time supporters get back to the North West. So the game is arranged for the benefit of the FA and TV. Consideration for fans doesn't even come into it. This complete lack of common sense is compounded by the fact that the other semi-final will involve at least one and possibly two London clubs whose supporters would not have the same level of inconvenience from playing at Sunday teatime.

Later this morning I talk to a bunch of civil servants about place and the role of councillors. Then it's lunch with the Dean of Manchester to talk about how The Cathedral can maximise its contribution to the life of the city. Finally, I'm on a train to the dreaded London for a meeting with MPs about funding for public transport in Greater Manchester. The observant amongst you will have noticed that three months after the TIF referendum there is still no plan B but work continues to try and bring at least some transport investment to the city-region. Hopefully home before midnight but at least I will get lots of paper work done on the train.

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