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Blessed Council

Today is full Council meeting which starts as always with prayers, on this occasion read by the Bishop of Manchester, who then goes all on to be the first Bishop of Manchester, certainly in living memory, probably ever, to address a formal Council meeting, and probably the first person ever to have a speech to Council reprinted in the papers.

Unusually, as well as the normal business, there are five formal resolutions referred to as Notices of Motion for debate on Manchester pride, interest rates, the Manchester crest, scams and Hope not Hate. Later I meet Mike Davies, the new Chair of Manchester Airport Group, who is busy familiarising himself with a business that is essential to Manchester's economic prospects, and the Town Hall day ends with a meeting of the Reification Board, something I'm not going to elaborate on at this point.
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There are 3 responses to “Blessed Council”

  1. agnostic,Castlefield Says:

    What do Councillors of no faith do during the prayers before each Council meeting?

  2. Secular Sid Says:

    Why do full council meetings always start with prayers? Isn't it time to consign such practices to history?

  3. Richard Leese Says:

    Whilst I'm no fan of historic practices for their own sake many peoplegetting something out of prayer and there are more important tasks for the Council to be addressing than debating whether or not we have prayers at the beginning of Council meetings. Before I became Leader I used to stay outside the chamber until prayers were over. Now I respect other peoples' beliefs in still silence.



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