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Pies or Pasties

Bacon and sausage butties actually, at Leigh Sports Village, very impressive home of less impressive Leigh RLFC. I'm here for AGMA Executive which starts at 9am with an informal meeting of the Leaders of the ten Greater Manchester Councils and meanders on through group meetings and the official formal meeting until 12.30pm.

The big items are transport, should we carry out a review of arrangements in the city-region for determining and delivering transport policy - we're not sure - and city-region governance where government are proposing new arrangements for conurbations like Greater Manchester to manage their economic affairs but where all ten councils are saying we're not interested unless this is accompanied by some concrete signs that real devolution is on the agenda. Can't escape even at 12.30 because I then have a regular catch-up meeting with John Merry and Barbara Spicer on Manchester-Salford issues, City North, Housing Market Renewal, and Royal Opera House Manchester being today's main items. Then it's back to Manchester for a meeting with government Minister, Lord Bach, on how we can reorganise legal aid so that it goes to those who need it most.  Apparently Leigh is pasties.
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