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Helping Hands and Time Lords

In bright and early this morning for breakfast at the Art Gallery. Don't actually have the breakfast as I've already eaten at home and two breakfasts would not help with my preparations for the Great Manchester Run.

The purpose of the breakfast is to launch 'Timebank', a collaboration with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and a number of professional service companies to provide some free advice for Manchester companies suffering in the recession. Timebank is part of the' Helping Hand' campaign, being run by the City Council to highlight the huge range of services, advice and support available to individuals, families, and businesses in these difficult economic times. Help with employment, keeping a business afloat, keeping your home, dealing with money and debt, what you can get for free are all part of what is on offer. A big thank you to the companies, many themselves under pressure, for willingly to give time to help others - a real demonstration of the Manchester family working together.

Businesses looking for advice or support should call the Business Advice Centre on 0845 608 3388 or e-mail:
For further info on Helping Hands visit:

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  1. Ian Wilson Says:

    I'm not sure that this is the right place to make this comment, but I am writing to you about the booklet "helping hands - your essential guide to get through the recession" published by the City Council. As a mental health worker, I have seen people directly affected by the economic downturn as part of my everyday clinical activity. I came across a copy of this booklet in the Department of Psychiarty outpatients building at Wythenshawe Hospital. I found it well written, well designed and full of useful and useable information. It's message is positive but realistic. It is a very helpful booklet. Thanks for producing it. I guess a lot of people use a site like this to make a complaint. I just wanted to let you know that some of what you produce has gone down well and will prove an additional support to some vulnerable people in the future.



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