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May Economic Growth and Climate Change

Mid-morning and I'm walking down to the Cathedral Visitor Centre to talk to a Common Purpose session, actually a joint Manchester/Cheshire session about Leadership. Quite looking forward to it, not because of the subject, but because I'm confident there will be a really good question and answer session.

Then it's a meeting with Liz Meek, Director of GoNW, largely talking about my new role as Chair of the Regional Leaders Board, my first meeting being next week. These are sandwiched between two internal meetings, the first looking at what we can do to accelerate action on tackling greenhouse gas emissions, the second at what we can do to minimise damage from the recession and be best placed for the recovery. There is an obvious connection between these two and if we want sustainable economic growth it has to be closely linked with a low carbon future.

In the evening I can look forward to the Labour Group AGM  part 1 when I find out if I'm still going to be Leader next year.

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