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No Pier, No Pies

Back in February I was elected Chair of the Regional Leaders' Forum ( 4NW ) and although I've already taken part in a couple of meetings in that capacity, today is my first meeting in the Chair.

The Forum, soon to be Board, brings together local authority representatives from each of the five sub-regions in the North West of England along with representatives from the SEEPs ( Social and Economic partners ) including Trade Unions, Business and the Voluntary Sector to work on a range of regional strategies and advise government on expenditure on Housing, Transport and Economic Development. But before the meeting proper I'm in Wigan for 12noon for a meeting of one representative from each sub-region and the SEEPs to look at the method by which the Chair is elected. Riveting stuff but the outcome doesn't lead to me being sacked before I've started and we come up with some sensible changes to 4NW's constitution. The main meeting is mainly progress reports and passes relatively smoothly and at 4pm I'm on my way back to Manchester ready for, apart from a friend's sixtieth birthday celebration tonight, some r & r in advance of Sunday's big run.
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  1. Julia Says:

    What is the annual budget for this organisation & where does the money come from?

    What are the published objectives of the organisation?

    How will its cost effectiveness be determined?

  2. Phil Robinson, Chief Executive, 4NW Says:

    The 4NW Annual Budget is circa. £2.8m of which £200,000 is provided by North West Local Authorities by way of subscription. The bulk of our funding is via Government Grant from Communities and Local Government (CLG).

    Our main responsibilities are Planning (we are the Regional Planning Body) Housing (we are the Regional Housing Board - soon to become Regional Housing and Regeneration) and Regional Transport. We also have staff whose remit includes Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Equality and Diversity and Europe.

    Payment of our annual grant is determined by our achieving outcomes as set out as agreed with CLG in our Annual Business Plan.

    More information about 4NW can be found at

    Phil Robinson,
    Chief Executive, 4NW



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