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Bread and Butter

All our Scrutiny Committees are meeting this week but so far I haven't been summoned to appear before any of them, which has given me some time to concentrate on the bread and butter of being a councillor, my ward.

Yesterday, Councillor Jon-Leigh Pritchard and myself spent half-an-hour dodging the showers outside Crumpsall SureStart Centre whilst we admired and were photographed with their new green roof. The Centre opened last year, is doing really well, and there was a great atmosphere in the place.

This morning, Councillor Con Keegan and myself meet with Cheetham Councillors Naeem Ul Hassan and Afzal Khan, and Executive Member for Childrens Services Sheila Newman to discuss Primary School places in the Cheetham and Crumpsall area. After years of declining school numbers, they are now on the increase with waiting lists for most schools in the area and we need to make sure that every child of primary school age has a reasonably local place. Following an earlier meeting 15 places have already been added at St.Thomas's in Lower Crumpsall, and this morning we agreed to add a similar number to another local school. Even that might not be enough and the situation will need to be kept under review, but it's nice to know that even in the recession there's at least one boom taking place.

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