Is there anybody out there?

Last three postings have garnered a grand total of zero comments which makes me wonder yet again whether I'm blogging to myself, whether the entries are so complete and perfect comment is impossible, or whether they're just boring. I did think of inventing a nice provocative story like GMP cancel victory parade again but there are enough blogs around based on fiction without adding to their number.

I suppose some people would find some of the things I do less than fascinating. Yesterday I worked through the ninety plus pages (including appendices) of the Manchester Streetscape Manual New Residential Streets, which is far more fun than it sounds, but probably not to everybody's taste. Today is dominated by transport and culture. A meeting early on about the Museum and Gallery offer in the city, followed later with a look at plans for public transport in the Corridor (formerly the Oxford Road Corridor) in the light of last week's transport decisions at AGMA.  Late afternoon a meeting with Sir Gerald Kaufman about music and opera. Normally it's impossible to get Gerald to talk about anything but his Gorton constituency but art and culture have always been dear to his heart and he is a great advocate for us in Whitehall's corridors of power. Then it's back to transport and a thank you to the people who've worked their socks off since last December to produce our new anti-recession transport plan, and it's good to know that under new leadership, Trafford Council are now considering a congestion charge for Hale and Bowden.

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