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Is there anybody out there?

Last three postings have garnered a grand total of zero comments which makes me wonder yet again whether I'm blogging to myself, whether the entries are so complete and perfect comment is impossible, or whether they're just boring. I did think of inventing a nice provocative story like GMP cancel victory parade again but there are enough blogs around based on fiction without adding to their number.

I suppose some people would find some of the things I do less than fascinating. Yesterday I worked through the ninety plus pages (including appendices) of the Manchester Streetscape Manual New Residential Streets, which is far more fun than it sounds, but probably not to everybody's taste. Today is dominated by transport and culture. A meeting early on about the Museum and Gallery offer in the city, followed later with a look at plans for public transport in the Corridor (formerly the Oxford Road Corridor) in the light of last week's transport decisions at AGMA.  Late afternoon a meeting with Sir Gerald Kaufman about music and opera. Normally it's impossible to get Gerald to talk about anything but his Gorton constituency but art and culture have always been dear to his heart and he is a great advocate for us in Whitehall's corridors of power. Then it's back to transport and a thank you to the people who've worked their socks off since last December to produce our new anti-recession transport plan, and it's good to know that under new leadership, Trafford Council are now considering a congestion charge for Hale and Bowden.

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  1. Matt Says:

    Congratulations for your time in the Manchester Run. Very Impressive!

    Keep up the good work on the blog. Despite the lack of comments they’re still being read. I would just like to say that, although I wouldn’t say I’m a particular supporter of any of the political parties, Labour Leadership of MCC continues to strive for the on-going development and improvement of the City. The visionary leadership of this City is second to none in the UK. This is evident in the fact that despite a recession stalling pretty much all development work everywhere, Manchester still continues to seek out new opportunities and inward investment.

    True, the frenetic pace of the last 10 years has slowed down somewhat but these are still very exciting times what with the new transport proposal, the proposed movement of Whitehall jobs to Piccadilly Mayfield and the subsequent redevelopment of that part of the City, The Town Hall Transformation Programme, The New Cooperative Headquarters and masterplan for the Northern end of the City Centre – and a victory parade for Man United (fingers crossed!) and so on....

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Green Resident Says:

    I live in the city centre and I drive an electric powered car. Does the leader have any plans to introduce free parking and charging points around the city for electric vehicle drivers?

  3. bicolouredpythonrocksnake Says:

    You can really get into art and culture when you've an £8,000 taxpayer-funded Bang & Olufsen television to watch it on.

    Be that as it may, Manchester's good at culture. It's a shame (and an embarrassing one) that the B of the Bang has to be scrapped; a shame, too, that the second Manchester International Festival isn't quite as fresh as the first one; and the less said about the recent outrage in Lincoln Square the better. But the places that just get on with it, week in, week out - places like the Manchester Art Gallery and the truly wonderful RNCM (other readers will have their own favourites, no doubt) - are treasures. And if the documents and meetings you describe help with these things, then I suppose I'm all for them...

  4. Stephanie Says:

    We do comment, they just don't get published for some reason! I promise I was being nice.

  5. Ian cook Says:

    Sir Richard, i'm more inclined to believe that its not the information you are publishing in your blog that is the problem its more likely to be the way its being presented to the webs search engines and circulated or not circulated through the social media channels.

    Simply having a PR agency or department isnt enough in the digital world we live in, perhaps a read of our blog on this thought might help you understand that there are millions of peopel out there....if you know how to engage them.

  6. Richard Says:

    We do post all comments received as long as they relate to the blog entry and are not actionable. I'll pass Ian's comment to our Director of Communications as I've read his link and am none the wiser and to Green Resident I'll offer hope for the future, as low/no emission transport is something we have to make serious and rapid progress with.

  7. David Says:

    'it's good to know that under new leadership, Trafford Council are now considering a congestion charge for Hale and Bowden.'

    Excuse my self censored French but what the **** is this about?!?!

  8. pat karney Says:

    I read all your fascinating,witty and thrilling blogs.I then tell the labour group whats going on.

  9. Kathr Says:

    Good morning Richard,
    I must be bored reading your blog but it is a wet day so the garden is not an option. Seriously, I think it's great and the next time I'm bored I will offer some constructive comment.
    What are the details for that MU Victory Parade by the way?

  10. Bruce Mitchell Says:

    I read it kid - GOOD WORK ! CARRY ON !



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