Blow Football

Fergie drops into see me this morning.

Not for some tactical tips ahead of tomorrow's game - it's not that Fergie but ex-royal Sarah Ferguson who spent at least part of the weekend in Northern Moor filming a TV programme about - well you are going to have to wait for it to be shown to find that out, unless of course you live in Northern Moor in which case you probably know all about it already. After half-an-hour's filming which will probably become half-a-minute when it goes out, it's back to everyday business as the Chief Executive drops in, as he does most days, to discuss a couple of issues in progress as well as of course City's prospects for next season. Time for a quick look at the papers and I'm struck by the pictures of the weekend's Whit Walks in the city centre, something our critics claim are dead, killed by political correctness. Well they are obviously not only very much alive but are also growing - yet another example of both Manchester's healthy diversity but also our cohesiveness as thousands turn out in the sunshine to enjoy the spectacle.

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