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Coming Clean

As local government isn't anything like that madhouse down in London I am happy to confess to a complete fabrication in my last but one entry. I'm just not going to tell you what it was.

Today is the first Executive Committee of the new Municipal Year which passes quickly although there are a lot of big items on the agenda, items which are often underplayed even when they are picked up by the mainstream media. One such is the masterplan for the Co-operative Quarter which is more than a new headquarters for the Co-operative Group, significant though that is, but a plan to re-use the whole of the Co-op's estate on both sides of Miller Street extending the City Centre back up to Angel Meadow. This is economically and historically important, cementing Manchester's role at the heart of the world-wide Co-operative movement, but we nearly couldn't make a decision as all but three members of the committee had to declare interests as members of the Co-op Party and leave the room. Fortunately three is our quorum.

Other big stuff included papers on Foundation and Trust Schools, pilot city-region status, the new public transport plan and further improvements to Manchester Central but as this is all well documented elsewhere on the City Council's web-site I won't say anymore here. A quick word though about the London Road Fire Station. This magnificent building at a major gateway to the city centre has now been virtually unused for almost 25 years which in my view is nothing short of scandalous. Whilst I would like to be proved wrong I have seen no evidence that the current owners are serious about bringing it back into use, and if they won't or can't I'm determined that the City Council will do something about it, including if necessary compulsory purchase.

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