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All at Once

The transport allusion probably comes from having been out leafleting at the tram stop in St. Peter's Square this morning but I am in fact talking about Resident Associations' meetings.

I was doing the weekly advice bureau last night, a very busy one incidentally, so missed the 6-weekly meeting of Parkhill Residents Association but fortunately Jon-Leigh Pritchard was able to attend. Tonight it's St.Mary's Hall Road RA which both Jon and I will attend and then tomorrow night he will go to Lower Crumpsall TRA while I go to Enver Road's AGM. Where is Councillor Keegan in all this? Venice of course, but he does have a good excuse.

This afternoon is the monthly Economy sub-group meeting and whilst I don't want to be accused of false optimism it both seems to be the case that Manchester's economy is holding up better than most places, and that we do now seem to have reached the bottom of the curve. Let's just hope it's a V-shaped recession rather than a whole load of more unpleasant letter shapes - more unpleasant that is when they're applied to different forms of economic malfunction.

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