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Up, Up and Away

European Election Day and voting as soon as the polls open. Not allowed any party politics here so can't say how I'm voting but it won't be a big surprise.

Then it's off to the airport and a day spent travelling to La Baule (near Nantes, in France) where I'll be speaking at the 9th World Investment Conference in a session on " Investing in Global Cities, an opportunity for European rebound ". It's a pretty high level conference, for example the session after mine will be being addressed by the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso. But high-level speakers alone are not enough to justify attendance and as I'll be back Friday evening I'm certainly not going for a paddle in the Atlantic even though La Baule is by the sea.

I get invited to speak at lots of conferences and seminars and most invitations go straight into the out-tray. To accept the test has always got to be what's in it for Manchester and our economy. This particular invite looked to have potential so I asked the Chief Executive, the Deputy Chief Executive (Regeneration) and our International team (two and a bit people but what they lack in numbers they make up for in quality) for their advice on whether I should accept or not. They took further advice from key partners and the decision to accept was largely taken on the advice of MIDAS, Greater Manchester's investment agency, whose Chief Executive will be accompanying me, with a view that not only was it a good audience for promoting Manchester as an international city and for promoting us as a place to do business (jobs, jobs, jobs!) but also there was the potential to make a number of good business, trade and investment, contacts. Of course it's impossible to tell absolutely until you have the benefit of hindsight but it's equally the case that Manchester won't win any prizes if we don't buy a ticket.
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  1. Stephen Coen Says:

    I suggest for maximum impact at such a conferance a Manchester United Shirt should be worn?



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