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In Flight

An uncomfortable few minutes at Resources and Governance Scrutiny explaining why the presentation on this year's State of the City report wasn't available. Something to look forward to when they next meet in four weeks when I'm assured it will be ready.

Spend forty five minutes with Crumpsall's Ward Co-ordinator and Ward Support Officer talking through some local issues and approving the first batch of Cash grants for this year.

Then, and given the comments on yesterday's entry I hardly dare confess to this, it's off to the airport again, but this time to take a flight, not to escape the odd critical comment, but to attend the Executive Committee of Eurocities. Convention is that the June meeting of the ExCom is held in the city of the President of the network, this year The Hague, but it's the last time I will be making this particular journey, as later in the year at the Eurocities AGM in Stockholm in November, Manchester will be standing down from the Executive after twelve years including two years as President. Anybody want to know anymore about Eurocities and what it does, have a look at their website.

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  1. Marc Hudson Says:

    Interesting (and typical) span of the very local (ward co-ordination stuff, where true adaptation to climate change will have to take place) and the "global" (well, European!)

    But what would be even more interesting is to read your responses to the comments on yesterday's blog posting that you allude to in this post! I thought there were a series of well-reasoned points that deserve a detailed reply....



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