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First the Cabinet, then the Cutting Room

The day starts as a continuation of yesterday, talking to Radio Manchester about the transformational possibilities of the Royal Opera House Manchester, but the day isn't all arts and culture.

At lunchtime I have an hour with new Secretary of State for Culture for Communities and Local Government, John Denham, who is in town, and at the moment in seeking views and ideas mode. I make the case that if there are to be more governance changes for local government it should be towards local communities having more choice and less centrally imposed straight-jacketing. I also argue that in the interests of democracy full meetings of the Council should be able to challenge and indeed overturn Executive decisions. More importantly I suggest that his biggest priority should be to get reforms like local area agreements working effectively before anything new is brought in, and we agree that we are collectively failing to get over just how effective local councils have become over the past decade.

End of the day and its up to Ancoats and Cutting Room Square for its official opening. Second time I've been in a week but I suspect last Saturday's event was more fun.

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  1. Tim Says:

    Is it my imagination or are there tons more people begging in the cit? I’m not referring to the law abiding Big Issue vendors but the worrying new breed of aggressive beggars, many of them holding small children and babies. Is Manchester Council planning a crack down? People won’t visit here for Arts and Culture if it continues.....

  2. Phil Appleby - Community Safety Coordinator Says:

    Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council are aware of the begging issues which occur in the City Centre and in particular the recent occurrence of females sometimes with small children being involved in this activity.

    A series of Operations are being planned to deal with the issues which will involve specialist begging officers from GMP and MCC, as well as the voluntary sector and Children Families and Social Care (CFSC). A range of tactics will be used including arrests of offenders, interventions by drugs, housing and alcohol workers and the involvement of CFSC to deal with the issues that may arise with young children.

    In addition to any operations that run the specialist GMP and MCC officers also carry out day to day work to tackle the begging issues in the City. This involves enforcement action such as arrests and Anti Social Behaviour Orders but also interventions such as supporting people into housing and programmes to tackle drugs and alcohol issues.

  3. Tim McMahon Says:

    I agree! LAAs do need rejigging. SNAG have long advocated outcome based approached to local area agreements. The current version of which we've had much input into is a top-down heavy vision.

    Not so long ago I attended a few sessions on Outcome Based Assessment as part of my work with SNP and it was obvious that OBA didn't mesh with the current version because the outcomes were nebulous and visionary. SNAG hopes with the help of all at CN4M to work on developing a new model for the next LAA where outcomes start at level 4 - not the other way round.



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