Taking a Risk

A big risk actually - mentioning the airport. Again! Can't help it as today is a meeting of the Airport Shareholders Committee followed by the MAG AGM which as I chair it, I did feel obliged to go.

Although the recession is biting into peoples propensity to fly even on the so called low cost carriers, the Airport Group is holding its own, continuing to contribute to the regional economy, and still paying a good dividend to its shareholders i.e. if you're a Greater Manchester citizen - you.

Straight back from the airport for my monthly meeting on how to beat the recession. We look at the city centre housing market, progress on the Helping Hands Campaign, possibilities to use public realm investment to support the retail economy as well as our usual economic barometer. And then it's Elbow!

There are 2 responses to “Taking a Risk”

  1. Dominic Says:

    Manchester City Council must start to implement policies that result in real reductions in CO2 emissions from flights to/from the airport. The council should insist that the airport should review landing charges to take account of the CO2 emissions from each aircraft, ie the landing charges should reflect the amount of CO2 emitted by the aircraft type, the route taken and its passenger loading etc. Flights with higher emissions per passenger-km should pay more.
    Policies should also be reviewed to ensure that short-haul flights are not favoured, especially where a viable rail alternative exists for the route in question (less than 4 hrs by rail say). The city council should also insist that code sharing between airlines and train companies should take place at Manchester Airport. This would enable people from (say) Edingburgh to travel to Manchester by train and connect with a flight from the airport all with one combined rail/air ticket. This would further reduce the need for domestic flights.

  2. Dave Says:

    How do you force private rail companies to do anything that they would see as interverence in the running of their company. I am sure the Council would love the power to do that but even central government can't do that.