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After all the talk earlier in the week about far away and exotic Los Angeles, today is a harsh reminder of the more usual day-to-day life of a Council Leader. The day doesn't start well.

First meeting is at 11am so I log on at home and start working through my e-mails whilst I wait for a break in the weather before cycling into town. Thunder and lightning over, the dark grey sky goes to light grey, and I seize my chance. Not quick enough though, as half way down Cheetham Hill Road the heavens open yet again and I arrive at the Town Hall drenched.

The 11am meeting is ok dealing with the Regional (i.e City) Centre Transport Strategy which is being prepared for public consultation beginning September. Lots of good things in there, but also a reminder of how many schemes now won't take place as a result of the demise of TIF. Then it's papers, papers, papers.

Tomorrow's AGMA Executive papers, the draft response to a Greater Manchester Challenge paper on Local Authorities' role in educational improvement, Manchester LSP's comprehensive area assessment locality self-evaluation, National Affordable Housing Programme new build competition first round bid, and at least a half-dozen similarly weighty (I mean amount of paper here) tomes.  Wonder if as many people volunteer to read this lot for me as want to represent the city in LA?

A quick mention of one thing from yesterday and not the Residents Association meeting I turned up a week early for. Shona Robison MSP, Minister for Public Health and Sport in the Scottish Executive, paid us a visit looking to learn from our Commonwealth Games experience how they can deliver a lasting legacy from the games to be held in Glasgow in 2014. A pleasant reminder of that glorious couple of weeks, almost exactly seven years ago (and with similar weather) and an example of how cities can help each other by working together.

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  1. Mr Newton Says:

    Dear Sir Richard,

    Not really to do with your blog entry but more to do with Spinningfields, our latest launched public space.

    I was sat eating my lunch this afternoon and two chaps working in the area were next to me. They were wearing high visibility jackets which they were asked to remove by a member of security staff.

    I just wonder why security have been asked to do this and whether you think that it's acceptable that people appear to be welcome to use the space equally unless they are from the field of construction in which case they have to strip of their garments.

  2. robert carruthers Says:

    Again nothing to do with your blog..I visited Manchester City Centre for the first time on Wednesday of last week and was horrified.I was unsure as to whether I was in the UK, sad to see such a beautiful city now occupied. There were three scuffles in the matter of an hour all between non uk residents. Two police on duty in the square and the only person booked was cyclist riding in the square and white from the UK. Nero's coffee shop where it was nigh on impossible to get a seat, it being full of Arabs and Algerians, again another arguement. Two police seen in two hurs seems very inadequate, dont you think...To be honest this reflects what is happening to all our cities and quite frankly I dont see myself visiting your city again..very sad and something you and your officials need to focus on...before its too late.

  3. Manchester Man Says:


    I disagree – I don’t think it’s ‘very sad’ that you might not visit Manchester again, in fact I’m sure I speak for most residents in Manchester when I say that the city will be eternally grateful if you kept to your threat and never returned here.

    As with all of the world’s great cities, it’s multi-culturalism that makes Manchester such a diverse and exciting place to live – most fair-minded people in the city would love it if you and your racist views remain under the rock you come from.

  4. Jane Goodier Says:

    In reply to Robert Carruthers - Narrow minded bigot comes to mind. Manchester has always been a cosmopolitan city - mancunians are by nature quite tolerant & broad minded. I'm proud to live here with arabs, algerians & non UK residents.

  5. Dapo Adekugbe Says:

    Surprise! Surprise! I never knew that People Like Mr Robert Carruther Still existed, He reminds me of the Stone age, Where Territorial intolerance was the norm. Manchester is in the 21 century where multiculturalism has been a major focus. So Mr Carruther the likes of you are not wanted in this land

  6. Jim N Says:

    It's very easy and obvious to dismiss Robert's entire comment without by declaring him a bigot (which may be partially true), but what about facing the fact that our City does have some anti social behaviour. If you don't think Robert's views exist anymore then I think that's more a reflection on how well you follow the European elections It's reactionary comments that build up resolve in the far left. If you want to prevent people from feeling the way the do - then we should be celebrating our cultural differences in debates rather than dismissing someone who might be persuaded to change their views. Disappointing to see an opportunity lost here.

  7. Matt Says:

    Mr Newton,

    Spinningfields is a development that is wholly owned by Allied London. It is them who pay for the security staff. I have seen these sinister looking security staff around there myself and find the whole thing rather creepy.

  8. Mr Newton Says:

    I wonder how much Manchester residents have contributed to the revitalisation [!?] of the area. You'd think that a partner of the City Council would embrace the equality extolled by the Council. You're right Matt, it does seem sinister. I can quite imagine some Howard Marks figure pointing a long nailed finger at random folk who don't come up to scratch.

    But hey folks don't be put off - welcome to Manchester etc friendly global city.

  9. Mr Newton Says:

    Howard Hughes! My mind is clearly elsewhere!

  10. Dave Says:

    Did'nt Jack Straw among many top Labour people say that Multi-culturalism had'nt worked in this country and why is it the call of Liberials to shout racist when anyone says the same. By shouting racist your not wining the argument. All your doing is stoping proper grown up open discusions. This therefore allows radical parties the fuel to grow.