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As long as it's Black

Been quiet for a couple of days as I've been walking in Lancashire and Cumbria

and had the good sense to avoid looking at my Blackberry although not enough sense to leave it at home. Weather was excellent as we did a gentle stroll from Lancaster to Kirby Lonsdale and then on the next day to Arnside ending up with a well-earned ice-cream sitting on the bank of the Kent estuary. Today is bins. We need new litter bins for Market Street. The Executive Member for litter Bins has gone on holiday leaving an instruction that whatever else they might be, the bins on Market Street have to be black. Unfortunately what he doesn't seem to have been told is that we are also looking to install recycling bins in the city centre including around Market Street and if we are not careful we will end up with a plethora of conflicting street furniture i.e a mess. In the end the bin meet has to be rescheduled for September as the people doing the litter bins don't seem to know about the recycling bins either but I suppose I can have it as an achievable objective for the year, to sort out the bins in Market Street.

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