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Glad to be back

No postings since 15th August because I've been away on holiday, a very hot ten days in Turkey

with Councillor Joanne Green [ we're married ( to each other) ] who has demanded I name check her here, but thankfully no offspring, all now old enough to do their own thing. Seems the blog has been going pretty strongly on its own since I've been away so thank you to everybody, well most people, who have been maintaining the Duchess of York thread, and I will return to the theme of ignorant outsiders slagging of Manchester tomorrow. The good thing about going away in August is that so many other people are also away so the waiting pile of e-mails, letters etc is only in the hundreds rather than thousands. Even so the first task is to go through them, first at high speed to try and pick out urgent items, and then, later in the week, to try and get to the bottom of the pile. Unfortunately, once it becomes known I'm back in the office, there are loads of interruptions, that makes the catching up slow down. Not all the interruptions are unwelcome. Today Network Rail announce their preferred route for a High Speed rail service linking London and Scotland via Birmingham and Manchester. Whilst this is very good news and I'm happy to go on TV to say so, we still need to make the case for a High Speed transpennine link, and we need to get it all delivered which means convincing Central Government to stump up the cash. At around £35billion that's a lot of cash but if you compare it with the tab for London's Cross-Rail it looks remarkably good value for money. Also have a couple of diary committments the more interesting one being a " challenge " session on various parts of the Council's Chief Executive's Department business plan options for next year. We are planning now for a difficult few years financially and that means challenging everything we do and how we do it to make sure that we can continue not only to deliver for Manchester but, even in difficult times, deliver better.

There are 3 responses to “Glad to be back”

  1. Jim Mogg Says:

    "ignorant outsiders slagging of Manchester", this is going to make for an interesting return meeting with the Duchess. Or are you referring to other ignorant outsiders?

  2. Ian Says:

    Glad you had a good time BTW the blogg has been very interesting while you have been away.

  3. Cllr Joanne Green Says:

    Having name checked me dear I am a bit concerned you have titled this entry 'Glad to be back'...I'll see you at home later



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