Town and Country

Ever noticed when reading newspaper articles how often the headline bears little relationship to or completely misrepresents the story below? Had no sympathy until I started blogging when I discovered just how hard it is to think of snappy headings.

For town read city and at 8am I am at MOSI for a City Conversation talking to a good-sized audience about the newly published revised City Centre Strategic Plan. After the speeches the questions flow covering a whole host of issues, pedestrianisation, accessability and signage, the future of city centre living, tourism, green spaces, public art etc,etc and of course where in a recession is the money coming from. The session is kicked of by David Partridge who has recently stepped down as chair of CityCo, our City Centre management company after three years excellent service. I meet David later doing his day job to talk about progress on the redevelopment of Elisabeth House, the blot on the cityscape at the corner of St.Peter's Square and Oxford Street. Ben Bradshaw, Secretary of State for Media, Culture and Sport is in town and there is a chance to talk about developments in all of those fields current and proposed across the city as well as what we are doing to ensure a " cultural " offer for all our young people. Then a courtesy visit from the German Ambassador. Germany and German cities are key trading partners and Manchester already has good links with a number of German cities so this is a good opportunity to strengthen links. Then I can dream about City-v-Arsenal tomorrow, a fixture that this season I can look forward to with confidence rather than dread.

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  1. Dave Says:

    Its nice to see you having a good working relationship with central Government such as meeting you had with the Secretary of State for Media, Culture and Sport. Have you put in operation any contacts you may need in the future, considering there is an election coming up. Not having them might cause a few problums for Manchester if there is a change next year.

  2. bicolouredpythonrocksnake Says: