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Bright and Early

Writing this at 5am on my Blackberry on the way to a meeting with Kingfisher Airways in Mumbai. Been here since Tuesday promoting Manchester in an economy growing at over 6%, the effect of the global slowdown being to reduce it from around 10% annual growth.

The visit has been targetted on three things, the most important being to work on getting a direct air route to India. Apart from that I've been talking to banks that don't currently have a presence in Manchester plus a couple of i.t companies.Not part of the plan but also met a company based in Ardwick busy setting up a business here. Plenty of time to do this as travelling round Mumbai is a nightmare, and a nightmare set to get worse as economic growth will put even more cars honking and hooting onto the already clogged roads with a public transport system bursting at the seams. Plenty of time to keep up with Manchester as well and am probably more up-to-date with my e-mails than if I was in the office. Had a an hour yesterday to walk in the area around the enormous and ornate VT railway station and just crossing the road as a pedestrian was an experience not to be forgotten . The city itself is remarkable with over half the population living in slums and shanty towns mixed in with affluence in a way we just don't see in the UK. The North West Development Agency have a permanent presence out here and although representatives from Manchester have visited previously, in the future, links with India will need to be a far greater priority.

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  1. k.mcintosh Says:

    This story is ongoing.Its a long process. Proactive initiatives are essential. Greater Manchester is a vibrant and diverse place and in a global marketplace this gives it a tremendous advantage. I hope that your discussions
    will have a positive outcome. Can cities be twinned? Not sure!

  2. Gerry Diamond Says:

    Hope you enjoyed your junkit trip. Also, how can you justify the presence of NW development agency when the MP for Blackley Manchester wrote to MEN highlighting that the organisation should be scrapped based on the lowest spend per head of population in the city of Manchester compared other parts of the region.

  3. Marc Hudson Says:

    Encouraging more flying. That's going to be interesting to explain to people in twenty years time.

  4. hanif bobat Says:

    perhaps twinning mumbai and manchester may be a possibility! manchester

  5. Richard Leese Says:

    Not more flying Marc. There are already over 200,000 people flying between Manchester Airport and India every year - they just can't do it directly. At the same time I'm also leading a campaign for high-speed rail. A high speed rail network covering the UK and linking directly to Europe via the one and only existing HSR line in this country would massively reduce domestic air travel, cutting emissions enormously, even more as we move to low carbon electricity.



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