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A Welcome Return

Off on another junket, this time to Tameside, for the AGMA Executive meeting at the beautifully restored Dukinfield Town Hall which I have no doubt some sad souls will see as a waste of tax payers money. The agenda looks dire but I'm sure we'll have a lovely lunch at the end if I can stay awake that long.

I'm totally convinced that developing the city-region approach is the right way to go but it can't half be tedious at times. Actually I can't stay for lunch has have to be back in Manchester for various meetings. One is my regular meeting with John Merry which would be more regular if they didn't keep getting cancelled. Seems like I've spent half the week with John as on top of AGMA this morning we had the first meeting of the Irwell River Park Steering Group yesterday followed by a Central Salford Urban Regeneration Company Board meeting. Lots of big issues to discuss with John but the one we have to resolve today is a Memorandum of Understanding between our two cities that would allow Salford to get on with building a new pedestrian bridge from outside the cathedral over to Greengate/Exchange Station and would allow Manchester to bring Cathedral Gardens right down to the river via a pedestrianised Victoria Street. Did have some lighter moments in the week including a visit yesterday to the outstanding School of Sound Recording in Ardwick although not our medium term financial strategy ( half ) away day on Wednesday. Should finish on a fun note though as this evening I'm at the re-opening of Manchester institution, the Band on the Wall. A welcome return indeed.

There are 3 responses to “A Welcome Return”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Well abolish AGMA then.Its only a talking shop that Labour Councillors set up when the Tories abolished the GM County?

  2. Kenny Says:

    and stop being so rude to people. I served 4 years as a County Councillor elsewhere and never heard the Leader of the Council -a political opponent -address people the way you do in the blog and at Council meetings.

  3. James Says:

    Is your middle name "inappropriate", Kenny?



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