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Births, Deaths, and Marriages …

… and citizen ceremonies, and civil partnership ceremonies, but more of that later. First up today is half an hour with the Deputy Chief Executive and Assistant Chief Executive Regeneration, looking at proposed pilots as part of the developing City Region arrangements.

It's an interesting mix including low carbon schemes for retrofitting commercial and residential property, new ways of working with under fives (the biggest priority according to the Manchester Independent Economic Review), tackling worklessness and particularly the incapacity benefit "stock ", and a range of housing related projects.

Then it's Resources and Governance Overview and Scrutiny who are examining three of the business plans I have lead member responsibility for - Communications, Legal Services, and Democratic and Statutory Services. The last of these includes both the Registry Office and the Coroner's Court both of which revealed surprising innovations in the way they work, particularly in developing sensitive approaches to the difficult things they have to handle with their customers. Two hours and lots of questions later I'm free and get down to correspondence and e-mails before later on having a meeting with the head of Manchester Digital Development Agency about our proposed "big pipe" (nothing to do with tobacco).  Later still it's the Environmental Advisory Panel and another step towards our imminent Climate Change Action Plan which I talked about on Tuesday.

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