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A quiet Advice Bureau last night. Nowadays more case work comes by phone or e-mail than in person but it's still unusual not to have a queue at Crumpsall Methodist on a Monday night.

Afterwards, a walk down to Blackley Village with fellow Councillor Con Keegan. We go in the Old House at Home mainly to check out the impact of the housing development hopefully soon to recommence on the former Avecia site close to the pub. We then walk on to the Golden Lion, described in last week's Advertiser as the best pub in North Manchester. Need to be careful here because of course all the pubs in Crumpsall and Blackley Village are wonderful, but even so was very pleased to see such positive publicity for a classic North Manchester pub. Petra, the landlady, is an old friend, our children were in nursery together, they're now 27. She's worked her socks off to make the pub work and had a very pleasant hour chatting to her in her very convivial bar over a pint or two of CAMRA recommended beer.

This morning starts with Metrolink stations, names of, before moving rapidly to football grounds and an update on where we are up to with FC Utd whose AGM I am attending later in the week. Back to local matters in the afternoon as Crumpsall Ward Service Co-ordination Group meets at the Visitor Centre in Crumpsall Park. One of the big items for discussion is the implications of this year's State of the Wards report for service delivery in Crumpsall and Blackley Village. It only gives part of a picture but even so is a major tool in ensuring we respond to the things our residents are saying.

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