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Nowadays it's easy, perhaps too easy, to take the office with me wherever I am . If I go away on holiday I don't take even a mobile phone with me anymore.

Of course, contrary to the views of a few blinkered people who probably think we can grow Manchester's economy without any of us ever leaving it's boundaries, this is not a holiday, and in between meetings, with the aid of modern technology, I continue to deal with constituent's advice work, read reports, and generally do the things I would be doing if I was in the office.  Sorry Janine if that sentence was too long. Equally obviously not everything can be done remotely. Tomorrow is the Chief Executive's Department's Awards for Excellence, and it will be great to be back in the Town Hall celebrating the contribution of so many of our staff to making Manchester a better place for all our citizens.

There are 4 responses to “In the Office”

  1. G Benn Says:

    You're right, how wrong of other people to have an opinion.

  2. lazyitis Says:

    No problems with Manchester's growing economy. It's more an issue of the avowedly 'Green' council hawking for business in the land of petrodollars.

  3. Deirdre O' Dwyer Says:

    I've come to love Manchester & its citizens, as I'm not from here originally. Perhaps if people understood what's involved in work, then maybe it would be more acceptable not to have a mobile with us constantly.

  4. Ms Jones Says:

    Why is everyone so consumed with growing the economy? What about improving the provision of public services and equal opportunities? And looking after our local communities and the environment? That's what the Council are there for, surely? Not just to protect business interests...?



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