Wasn't planning to do anything on the blog today but was moved to do so by an event I attended yesterday teatime. It was a presentation ceremony for Learning Works Wonders ‘graduates’.

This programme is a partnership between The Manchester College and the City Council's Adult Social Care division designed to get unemployed Mancunians into work, in this case in the delivery of personalised care services. Sixteen people aged from their early twenties to their mid-fifties started the programme, and sixteen finished it. All are now working and through the Council's Skills Pledge will get the chance to develop their skills and progress, some hopefully to professional qualifications. It shows that even in the recession people can still get into work. This is a great bunch of people who had clearly really made an effort. I'm delighted for them and I'd be even more delighted if their efforts led the way for hundreds more after them.

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  1. frank clements Says:

    I agree, we have to stop the waste of human talent due to crazy economics