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Peace and Goodwill

Poor excuse I know but been really busy over the last week so been a bit thin on the blogging. Back end of last week was Eurocities AGM and the very successful launch of the Green Digital Charter, a Europe wide initiative that Manchester has been leading on, aimed both at increasing the sustainability of very power hungry I.T. itself, and of making more effective use of I.T. to help build more sustainable communities (in every sense of the word).

Earlier this week I had a very positive meeting, alongside the Arts Council and the Royal Opera House, with Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw and Arts Minister Margaret Hodge, to discuss the Royal Opera House Manchester project and there should be a joint statement in the next few days.

Yesterday I spoke at a conference on the need for new infrastructure in this country. In their heyday, one of the achievements of great Victorian cities like Manchester was to build the infrastructure, power, water, sewage and rail, which we still use today. That's the basic problem. We are still dependent on a creaking at the seams Victorian infrastructure in the twenty first century. At some point we need to start building an infrastructure fit for today's cities, and one of the places we need to start is with High Speed Rail.

Today was our eight-weekly full Council meeting. The meeting started delightfully with singing from St.Richard's RC Primary School, followed by a presentation to twenty of our high-achieving adult care services. The meeting ended with our first ever, Council pantomime, although I know some readers would think every Council meeting is a pantomime. Full details of the Council agenda are as usual easily obtainable elsewhere on the Council website.

There are 2 responses to “Peace and Goodwill”

  1. frank clements Says:

    Council meetings are only a pantomime when the Lib Dems get going

  2. Dave Says:

    Not labour who have been in control for decades now and Manchester has full enployment and no districts in the bottom end for social deprivation O yes they do don't they, two districts in the botton ten not just in the North West but in the whole Country. If you have been in control for 30 plus years who do you blame then.



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