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A Certain Future

The name of Manchester's Climate Change Action Plan, which was unveiled at a Friends of the Earth organised event last night at Manchester Central. ‘Star’ guest was Ed Miliband in his last public engagement before he goes to the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen later this week.

An unusually long question and answer session allowed the audience of around five hundred to quiz Ed on the prospects for a legally enforceable agreement being reached in Cpoenhagen as well as a number of other environmental issues. Less starry speakers included myself and I was to make the point that 'A Certain Future' needs to be owned by the city, not just the Council. The Council has formally endorsed it but we need many more organisations in every sector not only to do likewise but also to then act. I also made it clear that the City Council is absolutely committed to a shared stakeholder approach to tackling climate change, sharing responsibility, sharing solutions, sharing the benefits. The big question of the night, given this was an audience of the committed, was how do we persuade the vast majority of not so committed individuals in the city to sign up to making their contribution. We're not going to do it by brow-beating and bullying - we have to make energy saving easy for people and show that it is something they can benefit from. If you want to know more go to but don't expect a weather forecast.

A couple of other news items from today. I started the morning on Radio Manchester talking about progress on the Royal Opera House Manchester project. Agreement has now been reached between the Lowry and ROH about how this can be taken forward and Culture Secretary, Ben Bradshaw, has endorsed the proposal. There is still a lot to do to turn it into a reality but it is another step on the way to not only improving Manchester's cultural offer but also creating a lot of jobs and training opportunities for Manchester people.

Today also sees the unveiling of yet another new way of the Audit Commission passing judgement on how public authorities are performing. The Comprehensive Area Assessment is as it says, is an assessment of the area itself but it is accompanied by an Organisational Assessment of the Council itself which the Audit Commission judges to be overall performing well. We intend to do a lot better though! A full report will be going to next week's Executive but if you can't wait that long it's available at

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  1. Pete Says:

    I went to the event and was really impressed both by the commitment f the Council, but also by Ed Milliband. There is a lot of work needed to fill the holes in the strategy, but keep up the good work.

  2. Dave Says:

    It was nice to know that Ed flew to the meeting then told us how to cut down on killing the planet, how many times do these people fly all over the world, and you want me to switch of my bedroom light.

  3. Marc Hudson Says:

    Ed, after what you wrote, I contacted one of the organisers of the event. He told me that Ed Miliband "he arrived by train at 16.49 and got the last (9.15) train back to LDN." So, my question to you is this- why do you think it is acceptable to make assumptions/tell flat-out lies about people who are trying to DO something about this problem?
    It's OK to disagree with what he's doing- of course, that's the nature of politics, but just to LIE and spread those lies out and about- why do you think that is helpful? I fully expect you not to answer this question, and instead cast further aspersions and insinuations, this time in my direction. But maybe you will surprise me, and actually address the question. Or even apologise?

  4. dave Says:

    The point was how was he getting to Denmark walking that was my question along with all the other big wigs. When they stop doing the things they tell me not to do thats when maybe I'll listion.

  5. Richard Leese Says:

    Marc, have you posted this in the write place and if so can you explain what the hell it is about.

  6. Marc Hudson Says:

    Well, I've confused matters by saying "Ed" when I meant to write "Dave" in my reply. Apologies for that. I was so incensed that I didn't check what I'd typed.
    Dave, you can't wiggle out. You stated that Ed Miliband had flown up TO THE MEETING IN MANCHESTER. That was factually inaccurate. I agree, he shouldn't have flown to Copenhagen, and neither should Richard Leese or Richard Sharland. But you can't go around making factually inaccurate statements like that and then changing the subject, not if you want to be taken seriously. Ed Miliband did not fly to Manchester. He took the train. So why did you state he'd flown? Why do you think that was a valid contribution to the debate? And before you ask, no, I don't vote Labour, I don't trust them further than I can throw them. But I don't throw my hands up and say "There's nothing to be done" There's the hard work of trying to keep them (or whoever is in power- liberal dems, conservatives) honest and focussed. It's boring, time-consuming and probably futile. It's also the rent I pay for living on the planet. Are you going to make a commitment to not posting factually inaccurate smears in future, or should I just ignore all future posts by you?

  7. bicolouredpythonrocksnake Says:

    For 'Ed', read 'Dave', presumably. I hope he did get the train.

  8. dave Says:

    I ment Denmak and to be honest you keep talking about the train you seem to enjoy doing it...and why pick on Richard stick to Ed flying and using limos while there did you see them on the TV no bikes there I suppose. When did I change the subject you jumped in with both feet thinking i was talking about the mnachester meeting. To be honest Marc I don't care if you ignore my future posts I woun't be losing any sleep over this. To be honest I don't care if you take me seriously sorry about that and all.

  9. corblimey Says:

    The 'write' place, Mr Leese? Dear oh dear...

  10. Quentin Crsipy Duck Says:

    Sorry, don't want to be pedantic here but Dave/Ed actually said 'It was nice to know that Ed flew to the meeting' not 'Ed Miliband had flown up TO THE MEETING IN MANCHESTER' as you put it. In fairness to Dave, the meeting alluded to in his comments could just as easily relate to the summit in Copenhagen.



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