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Green Scrooge

A lot of evening events at the moment - that time of the year. Had to do a staunch defence of Christmas at the Climate Change event on Tuesday with one audience member complaining about the Christmas lights in Albert Square. I made it clear that the lights are staying and to meet our 41% target on emissions we'll just have to make compensating savings elsewhere. Might also be worth noting that a couple of years ago we switched to low energy Christmas lights so environmentally they're not so bad.

Yesterday teatime was the North Manchester Regeneration Community Christmas reception. I've just made that name up but the event saw community activists from across the North of the city invited into the Hexagon Tower offices to join Council staff for what is now the third annual celebration and Thank-you. Even in the recession quality of life continues to improve overall and a large part of that is down to communities working in partnership with the Council and other public sector bodies, police, health, and so on.

I often talk here about new projects and bids so just for a change I'll mention something we're not bidding for - UK City of Culture 2013. We have been working on a joint bid with Salford. There are likely to be three other bids for the North West and we have had to think seriously about our position with regards to them. After much discussion with the wider 'cultural community' we have come to the conclusion that we can deliver our plans without any special designation and that City of Culture has more potential for some of our smaller towns and cities, so instead of bidding ourselves we are going to support the other North West candidates. The process of bid preparation has highlighted the fantastic range of work already going ahead and the tremendous potential in the area so our two cities will continue to work together to build a world class cultural offer for people living in and visiting the city all year every year.  We already have exciting plans for 2013 including what will be the 4th Manchester International Festival. At the same time we want to support the region in further enhancing its reputation as a place where people have a rich array of cultural opportunities all year round.

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  1. Stabilo Says:

    I personally preferred the previous Santa that hung off the bell tower. It was so much more humourous and demonstrated Manchester's wit. Especially it's continual breaking down. I really like what Manchester is trying to do in terms of its markets but wish there were fewer selling high quality goods rather than the loads there are now selling tat. It would also be nice if the side door to Princess Street could be opened for staff to more easily enter and leave the Town Hall after work as it can be akin to running a gauntlet at the moment. Regards the Christmas Lights and there effect on the climate; well I have wondered if their absolutely necessary. I like the smaller unlit ones better, they feel like they have some sort of tradition and purpose to them rather than the lit ones that tend to look a bit trashy - but each to their own. It's fast becoming a cliche but the rampant consumerism at this time of year is ruining Christmas in my eyes. This Christmas seems to have lost passion and a sense of family.

  2. timmy mahatma Says:

    By all means have pretty low energy lights to cheer people up in the dark grey winter, but please, don't waste our emissions on a giant santa. What part of Christmas are you defending? May I remind you that Christmas is a religious festival. No I'm not Christian and no I would not object to a giant shining Jesus out side the town hall. I do object to the council's screaming approval commercialisation of religious holidays.

  3. Steve Says:

    Bah Humbug again,I sEE the markets are a teriffic boon to Manchester, I foR one don't care what bulbs are used as long as they light the city up and bring lots and lots of people into the centre of town while I prefer a more traditional Santa, the lego type one does the job and a lot of younger people like it, so well done Manchester and heres to a brighter and bigger Market next year



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