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Seal the Deal

Listening to presentations at Copenhagen University outlining recent research in twenty cities around the world looking at the impact of and risks associated with global warming.

The session is part of the Mayors' Summit on Climate Change which is running alongside the UN Conference COP15 which will hopefully seal a legally binding deal on tackling greenhouse gas emissions on a global basis. The Summit is both depressing, particularly hearing of the damage already done in cities in developping countries, and cause for optimism because cities all around the world are seriously trying to tackle this most important of issues. Later we take our conclusions to the UN negotiators. One thing I'm sure of us if it was left to the cities a deal would have been sealed with no problem. Unfortunately the countries we come from aren't so accommodating and we just have to hope that real progress will be made by the end of the week. Had a chance to talk about Manchester's Climate Change Action Plan yesterday and ran out of copies very quickly . In terms of actual delivery though there are many cities well ahead of us which we can and should learn a lot from.

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  1. Stephen Pennells Says:

    Well, perhaps not sealing a deal wasn't an unmitigated bad thing bearing in mind some of the strong-arming that developing nations seem to have suffered.

    I'm glad our city and council are providing leadership and have signed up to 10:10, but we can't be complacent that the deal stitched up by a few in private and then foisted upon small nations with implied conditionalities of being "in" or "out" are altogether a good thing.

  2. El Jefe Says:

    Pity no-one seemed to have told China, eh?



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