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I've a feeling this might turn up on the site dated 29th January because of the time it is being written. It's actually the 28th but it's been a busy day following a busy day yesterday and I just haven't had time to write until now (20:24 if anybody is interested).

Started the day with a gentle five mile run. Had to be gentle as the pavements were pretty icy which also meant I needed to be careful biking into town. First meeting was on climate change, making sure I was up to speed with our proposals to meet our 10 10 commitment as well as our delivery plan for the Council's own contribution to the city's Climate Change Action Plan. I'm staggered by how many people still don't see climate change as an issue but why take the chance.

At Noon I'm off to Market Street for the press launch of Noise Lab. I'm not going to make any attempt to explain what that is as you can go to Market Street and find out for yourselves. Next it's the judging panel for the International Competition for a team to redesign St. Peter's Square. The competition will take the best part of the year but before the final decision there will be an exhibition of the ideas from the shortlisted entrants, to allow wider public input into the process. St. Peter's Square is a similar size (though not shape obviously) to Albert Square and this is an opportunity to create a major, world-class public space to match the best.

Whilst I'm talking world-class, the next meeting is about Crumpsall. Unfortunately though, about the worst of Crumpsall and what we are going to do to tackle bad landlords in one particular part of the ward. I spend some time doing letters. I've got a backlog so apologies to anybody waiting for a reply. It is in hand.

Late in the afternoon, I meet with North Manchester Councillors to discuss progress on the North Manchester Regeneration Framework agreed in 2003. The list of achievements is impressive but not surprisingly the discussion was about what we need to do - not a self-congratulatory chat about what we have achieved.

And then it's back to Noise for the main launch event. I make a rather dour little speech before returning to the Town Hall to get my bag, bike, and set off for home. Early start in the morning for the second Funding the Frontline Task Force meeting in London so need to get going.

There are 2 responses to “ Richard Noise”

  1. PuppyLove Says:

    "Started the day with a gentle five mile run. Had to be gentle as the pavements were pretty icy which also meant I needed to be careful biking into town." Not just the pavements but the roads. Again, the forecast was for ice and frost, and yet again the roads were not gritted.

  2. Niall Ballantyne Says:

    The biggest problems in Crumpsall is not just the bad landlords, but also the houses that are sitting derelect/empty, especially those in St Marys Hall Road (I'm sure Richard you know the ones I mean). I know the Housing Team are trying to tackle this problem throughout the Ward, but so far there doesn't seem to be a lot of progress. If there is, maybe communication of some sort is required?



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