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No Room for Wriggle

Scrutiny week this week. Quite often I'm not called to give evidence or answer questions at all but this week I've been summoned to both the Economy, Employment, and Skills Overview and Scrutiny Committee which met yesterday, and Resources and Governance this morning.

The items under discussion yesterday were the proposed Civil Service Campus on the Mayfield Station site, something I've written about before, and a strategic regeneration framework for an area referred to as  "City Fringe". This is not an attempt to rename or rebrand a part of the city but simply a working title to describe that part of East Manchester stretching out from Great Ancoats Street to Alan Turing Way. The framework has a number of elements but looks in particular at the potential for hotels and Convenience (for which read supermarket) retail in the Great Ancoats Street corridor. The point is not to block development, and in the case of the unlovely Central Retail Park, re-development, but to make sure any commercial development supports our wider regeneration objectives for North and East Manchester. This morning it was City Regions (again) and the proposed governance arrangements. Some people love the fine detail of constitutional documents. I'm not one of them.

In between I've made two visits to the Museum of Science and Industry (MoSI). The first yesterday afternoon was to get an update on what they are doing and planning to do to improve the Museum. The second this morning was to speak at the launch of a new initiative from the Prince of Wales called Start aimed at engaging people with tackling climate change. It very much chimes with the approach set out in Manchester A Certain Future, and to have an independent national programme of this sort can help enormously with our delivery plan.

There are 2 responses to “No Room for Wriggle”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    When you say Central Retail Park do you mean where Children's World used to be? I remember when Children's World opened and it was the bees knees. Andy Crane came from the broom cupboard by helicopter. It's become unlovely so quickly. It's almost as if visual aesphetics [think I've spelt that right] aren't part of the planning process....

  2. Dave Says:

    To be honest the retail park is run down. Looking at the area around it I would not be suprised if the land was sold for more high rise apartments.



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