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Yes Ministers

Thought I should do a short piece on an event that has been taking place in Manchester over the last couple of days not least because it is unlikely to happen again in the foreseeable future if ever.

Whitehall's top brass, the Permanent Secretaries, and that's all of them, along with a select group of Local Authority Chief Executives, have been holding a conference in the Town Hall looking at the link between global and local. They've not just hidden away in the building. This morning they split into groups to go out to look at what's happening on the ground including one group that went to Ardwick accompanied by local Councillor and Executive Member for Finance Bernard Priest to look at regeneration activities. Another, which I accompanied, went to the top floor of Manchester Business School to look at, hear about, and talk about the Corridor, a partnership which brings together the Council, the two Universities, and Central Manchester Hospitals Trust, along with other stakeholders to maximise the economic potential, to create more jobs and get local people into them, of an area that is unique to Manchester. The Conference is a real opportunity to show strong and well-led partnerships delivering on the ground, and will hopefully encourage the bosses of the civil service when they return to London to support the sort of devolution that is proposed in the Manchester city-region pilot.

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  1. Jimbo Says:

    Good stuff.

  2. Peter Copping Says:

    Since you mention the Corridor I would say that some residents feel that the implication of the Corridor are in fact to transfer this dis amenity the the Universities and Hospital Trust suffers on the them. The creative corridor/ educational precinct etchas been discussed for 40 years but it appears now to be being implemented by salami tactice the first slice of which is traffic realignment via the so called Cross City Bus Plan while MMU is alloed to further centralise is operation in the area since planning is essentiall ad hoc and not planning led. We arenot even being bought off with ultra fast broadband!



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