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A planned all day budget meeting (2011/12 not next year's) earlier this week got in the way of one event that I really would have liked to have got to not least because it was just down the road from home.

It, was the launch by Year 9 pupils at Abraham Moss School in Crumpsall (where both of my children were once year 9 students) of a website they've designed about keeping safe on Facebook.  Take a look at their website
The mini-site is hosted on the Manchester Safeguarding Children Board website as part of their campaign to keep children and young people safe online - they want to make learning to be safe online as routine as learning to cross the road safely.

Internet use is starting younger - research shows that nearly 80% of children aged 5-7 use the internet with use going up to 94% for 9-11 year olds.  But there can be a negative side to this - it is estimated that half of all 14 year olds are victims of cyber-bullying and that 36% of parents of 12-15 year olds are concerned about who their child is in contact with online.    Today, on Safer Internet Day, we have the opportunity to help keep young people safe on the internet.   The great team of young people who designed and created this website should be very proud of their work.
To see how Key 103 covered the Abraham Moss year 9 pupils website launch go to -

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There are 4 responses to “Close to Home”

  1. frank Says:

    If we had safe cycling children would be fitter and happier. The internet is great but too much and not enough excercise (cycling) gives us fat kids

  2. William Says:

    As you are considering the budget, is MCC thinking of following Birmgham City Council and making saving of £67 million by cutting staffing levels.

  3. Robert Says:

    Speaking of budgets and following on from the previous comment about Birmingham and also for the sake of transparency please can you tell us what your annual salary is and also that of the chief executive?

    This morning the Telegraph has an article by Andrew Gilligan on this subject.

  4. John Says:

    It is an open secret that MCC Chiel Exc earns morm than the PM work that out.



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