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Grow Your Own .....Computer?

First task of the day is adjusting the brakes on my bike. As the ride into town is almost completely down hill, an ability to stop without using the soles of my shoes is quite useful. First meeting of the day is the Corridor Board meeting.

Most of the time is taken up with a discussion about " green " issues - the prospects for geo-thermal energy in the area, developing the Corridor as a test bed for low carbon buildings as part of the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Economic Area pilot, charge points for electric vehicles and much more. The kerb line for the proposed Cross-City bus related improvements also gets a slightly less interesting airing. But tucked away at the end of the Chief Executive's report is a real gem. MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) are hosting a piece of research looking at growing thinking bacteria that put together could be used to drive a computer. I checked the date and it's not April 1st and it's not science fiction. How long I wonder before you have to feed your processing power rather than plugging it in.

A brisk walk back to the Town Hall for a briefing on progress on updating the Council's values statement. Some great research done which shows not only what is not as clear as it should be in our current statement but also, of the five values, which have most, and conversely which least, impact. We are, and should be, a value driven organisation. The evidence so far confirms that our values are the right ones, but that they need to be presented differently to fully engage our staff and partners in using them to improve the city.

There are 2 responses to “Grow Your Own .....Computer?”

  1. Ian Says:

    First task of the day is adjusting the brakes on my bike. As the ride into town is almost completely down hill

    Totally suprised that you can doge all the pot holes that don't seem to be getting looked at any idea when this will happen soon

  2. Richard Leese Says:

    Bit easier now I can stop. The winter weather has created a lot of pot holes so they're going to take a while to fill but the budget has been made available and I have seen with my own eyes work taking place.



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