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Time and Motion

Work doesn't half get in the way sometimes and this week has been particularly busy, keeping me away from my one finger attacks on the computer key board. Started the week at the Business Leadership Council. This is a Greater Manchester body bringing together business people from across the city-region, from a range of businesses, to give independent advice to AGMA from a business perspective.

They've already presented one very well received report on the needs of large businesses in the conurbation and are working on a number of others including one on Reviving our Town Centres and another on the links between Business and Higher Education. I was there to talk about Daresbury and progress on the Statutory City Region but it was also a welcome opportunity to hear at first hand what they were up to.

The afternoon was taken up entirely by an Executive Member/Strategic Management Team session on the budget. Not what is going to be in it, but what we need to do to deliver it, and deliver the transformation in public services we will need to survive and thrive in the financially hard times ahead. The working day ends with my Crumpsall Advice surgery, that regular and welcome taste of reality on what is my shopfloor.

Yesterday was off to London. By 1pm I had managed three separate meetings with John Denham, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, different people, different themes, one batting for Manchester, one Greater Manchester, the third reporting on progress with the Putting the Frontline First Task Force I am co-chairing. This is immediately followed by the final meeting of the Task Force which is hoping to report next week after two months of very intensive work. The Task Force finishes earlier than scheduled so I have a bit of hanging around before a final meeting of the day at No 10 with a couple of senior advisors - a bit more batting for Manchester. The train journey back gives me the chance to read the papers for today's meetings, plus a few more besides, but much of that will have been wasted if I don't get a move on as I will have missed my first meeting of the day.

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  1. frank clements Says:

    I would'nt want your job thanks, even if you travelled 1st class to wind up nicolas winterton

  2. bicolouredpythonrocksnake Says:

    Which would be amusing, but possibly no more amusing than Boris Johnson flying second class the other week to annoy Peter Mandelson.

  3. clumpy Says:

    Just out of interest on an entirely different subject. In the town hall why do the councillors get proper plates and a room to eat in and the plebs get plastic trays and have to eat at their desks? (I'm referring to N-Joy by the way). Why not open up the members room to all staff as so that you can get some hands on staff suggestions in the flesh and really make a strong commitment to equality - thereby by stripping away a them and us mentality? Wouldn't that be a wonderful example of equality in preparation for a new age in the extention and library? Why the split?

  4. Richard Leese Says:

    The room isn't just to eat in and have you checked whether Council staff would actually want to eat with Councillors anyway.

  5. Lol Says:

    Agree with clumpy, and that is the sort of Dickensian attitude that should be discouraged of both Councillors and Council staff.

  6. clumpy Says:

    Well, I haven't run a survey but I imagine you're probably right. It would be nice to have a place to eat in and plates though! Thanks for responding, I wasn't expecting a reply!

  7. Richard Leese Says:

    Hopefully, as part of the refurbishment of the Town Hall Extension, we will have a cafe that can be shared by Councillors, Council Officers and the rest of the public.

  8. clumpy Says:

    Like a canteen?



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