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Past and Future

A busy day yesterday ended with an Innovation Boardroom session in the NoiseLab on Market Street. One of our tasks in the Manchester city-region is to stimulate innovation at every level.

The primary objective of the Innovation Boardroom is to bring people together, people from different sectors of our economy that might not ordinarily meet, to generate ideas that might become future winners, not just for the economy but for overall quality of life in our city. NoiseLab was an ideal venue, a City Council supported project aimed at supporting young people with creative talent being able to make a living from that talent.

The theme continues this morning when I go to the Imperial War Museum in Trafford for what I guess would be described as a workshop on Future Story Manchester. The session brought together people who for the last decade or so have been part of creating Manchester's present with young people from across the city-region, the people who will create our future. The objective was to develop an understanding of Manchester in a global context and to raise the aspirations of the coming generation. A key message is that together the future is something we can make, not something that simply happens to us. This evening I go to the People's History Museum at the Pump House for the official opening of it's magnificent new extension, which although a lot  smaller, beautifully compliments the equally magnificent Civil Justice Centre next door. I know some people thought the official opening was last week - that was the opening party! Whatever, the museum is now an even more brightly shining jewel in cultural and historical Manchester and shows us how people before us fought to make the future we now enjoy.

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  1. Tom King Says:

    Richard, Your dad Reg and mum Hilda would have been very proud of you and the whole of Kirkby!!



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