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frank clements Says: 25/02/2010 I wouldn’t want your job thanks,........................ A comment made a couple of weeks ago. It's true that being Council Leader can be quite dispiriting at times but there are far more pluses than minuses.

One plus is the variety that can be packed into just one day. Yesterday started (after an hour doing less than fascinating office things) in Albert Square doing some filming for the IDEA (local government's own improvement agency) on being a Council Leader - they obviously think I must have picked up some ideas over the years.  Less than four hours later, including ten minutes of panic when my train ground to a halt in Macclesfield, I was sat in No.10 for a forty-five minute discussion with the Prime Minister.  Less than four hours later I'm at CF3M Residents' Association discussing recycling, double yellow lines and every day life in that part of Crumpsall.

Today follows a similar lack of pattern or routine. This morning starts with a discussion with Executive Members and Senior Officers on how we replace the Council's current redeployment process with something far more positive and productive for the Council, its staff, and most importantly the people who depend on our services.
Then it's up to Moston Brook at a point where it is the border between Oldham and Manchester to celebrate a very large grant secured by the Irk Valley Partnership, which will allow this area, working with the Forestry Commission and supported by the NWDA, to be developed and maintained as high quality woodland.
Round about teatime I'm off to Leeds for the quarterly meeting of the Northern Way Steering Group, an organisation that's helped us in a number of key areas, not least the Manchester Hub and High-Speed Rail. Life can be difficult but rarely boring.

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