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What I did on my holiday

AGMA Executive this morning in a very warm and sunny Swinton. First since I restarted blogging and an important one as the ten local authorities in the Manchester city-region begin to face up to the implications of the budget.

It took us a long time to develop and agree a new, co-ordinated approach to dealing with economic development across the conurbation and it would be an enormous setback for Greater Manchester if that effort and debate turned out to be abortive.

Some good news - having reached a unanimous view the resolve of the ten Councils to pursue this integrated approach appears now to be even stronger.  A private leaders' meeting before the formal meeting showed a continuing consensus on how we can best support economic growth across the city-region. We looked at our proposals in the context of the new government's emerging policy for Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and believe that what we are putting forward is wholly consistent with the new rules of engagement. Formal consultation by government ends mid-July on establishing a Combined Authority for Greater Manchester our proposal for bringing together the Integrated Transport Authority into a statutory framework with AGMA Executive. That probably gives until after the summer parliamentary recess to discuss with ministers what we want to achieve. The Manchester Independent Economic Review identified that we are uniquely placed to achieve above rapid economic growth. The Combined Authority is a key piece of the jigsaw needed to deliver it and with the support of all ten local authorities as well as a wide range of business organisations there is every chance we still will get it approved.

There are 5 responses to “What I did on my holiday”

  1. Marc Hudson Says:

    Alongside the plans for continued economic growth, did the Low Carbon Economic Area for the Built Environment get agreed, or was it bumped for another month? Fingers crossed it was indeed agreed...

  2. Richard Leese Says:

    It was agreed but we still have to find the money for it

  3. Dave Says:

    Is'nt the AGMA one of the quangos that the Central Government are closing down.......

  4. Richard Leese Says:

    No Dave it isn't

  5. Dave Says:

    Sorry my mistake Richard



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