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Leather on Willow

A very busy start to the week beginning with a meeting of Cheetham and Crumpsall Councillors with the Executive Member for Childrens Services regarding primary school places, or rather the lack of primary school places in the area we represent.

After years of decline in the number of pupils of primary school age and the consequent school closures and mergers, some parts of the city gave had a massive increase over the last couple of years, to the extent that the Education department has sometimes struggled to find every pupil a place reasonably close to home. To be fair, the expansion of Cravenwood primary and the opening of the new Irk Valley school, one form of entry bigger than its predecessor, have largely eliminated the problem in Crumpsall, but we still need more places, effectively a new school in Cheetham. The meeting considered both the short-term options for providing more places on a temporary basis as well as where we might find sites for a new school ( assuming there is any money to build it ).

One possible site is the Abraham Moss campus. Later in the morning I travel up there to rejoin fellow councillors Keegan, Khan and Hassan for a completely unconnected purpose, the re-opening of the indoor cricket nets. They're sited in a room called the missile range, not some part of North Korea's military strategy, but, in days gone by, it was used for archery as well as cricket practice. It's now been fully refurbished with new floor, new mats, and most importantly new nets and gives first-rate training facilities for the school's cricket teams, girls and boys, the very successful Cheetham Hill Cricket Club, as well as being available to the wider community. The opening is done by former Test cricketer Alec Stewart who gives some pointers to some of the school's cricketers who are the first to use the officially opened new facilities. Facilities for young people to do useful things is a priority for the Council and this is a really good example. Not grand but something to be proud of.

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  1. sue Says:

    How on earth can schools be built (and they are needed) with all the cuts? Blackburn Council cut proposals/scenario has been published; leisure centres closing, charges for bins...and on and on. Yet on this site the schools funding minutes has an oral report on funding implications that is not open - why the secrecy? We need to know what is going on. Thanks.

  2. oscar riled Says:

    Quote - "...The meeting considered both the short-term options for providing more places on a temporary basis as well as where we might find sites for a new school (assuming there is any money to build it)."

    Quote from ‘M People’ blog, 25/06/2010 –
    “...the people who work for us directly (and our suppliers) are going to have to be more flexible, more creative and find ways of doing more with less.”

    I know where we can get hold of around £195,000 – scrap the 3 – that’s THREE – almost identical ‘jobs’ advertised under this new ‘M People’ scheme.



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