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A test of stamina

Started the day at a Greater Manchester Commission for the New Economy away day. Commission staff had entered two teams in the Great Manchester Run raising in the process over £3500 for Christie's and their Chief Exec asked me to go down and hand out some certificates and other awards which I was delighted to do.

However this is nothing to do with the test of stamina in today's heading. Next I meet the Innovation Director from Yorkshire Water talking about how we can have our roads dug up less often and for shorter periods of time, something I know would be popular with people all over the city. Then I'm interviewed by a student from the University of North Carolina who is preparing to do a thesis on regeneration in the North West of England. It's one of those meeting after meeting mornings and I'm straight into the irregularly held regular meeting with the Leader and Chief Executive of Salford talking about Irwell River Park and how we can deliver a better service for our residents by doing somethings jointly.

Then we come to the test of stamina. This afternoon is the Council's long-service awards presentation where the Lord Mayor presents a small gift to all the staff who have completed more than 25 years service with the City Council. Now 25 years with the Council takes real stamina! The awards have been going for eleven years now and it's a chance for me and the Council to say thank you to hundreds of people who have contributed so much to the city over the years.

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  1. Shades of Grey Says:

    I am one of the staff with 'real stamina', having completed 25 years service with the Council. I, and a fair number of my colleagues who have also worked 25 years or more, were given a different kind of 'thank you' recently. We became redeployees, meaning we did not get our own jobs in the new structure of our service. The fact is, there was a disproportionately high number of over 45 year olds, who did not get their jobs. So I say to the people who attended the long service awards, I hope you enjoyed your sandwiches and I hope you like your engraved glass goblets because the next 'thank you' may well be your p45.

  2. Dave Says:

    Don't you just love Britain you get a new road lovely a week later the water board dig it up then after them the electric then the gas and then the cable company. By the end theres more dips in the new road than anything elese. The easy way to sort it is what they do in Germany all utilities have to get together to work in one hole thereby stopping the destruction of new roads seems simple to me.

  3. Mr X Says:

    And those with 19 years service have lost 4 days leave. Thanks a lot.



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