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Wet and Windy

Going to try to be very careful with my spelling today as want no more corrective e-mails from a retired Deputy Leader who is no doubt basking in the French sunshine as she picks on my miner error.

This morning, by way of contrast, I experience the down side of sustainable transport, getting soaking wet cycling in to the Town Hall, with a brisk and sustained south westerly blowing into my face. Still, given our current drought conditions, we should be very grateful for the current rainfall. Not enough I suspect to fill the reservoirs but enough to give our parks and gardens a good watering.

It is a sort of green morning. First I go to a seminar organised by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce aimed at small businesses operating in the area of environmental technologies and services. I'm there to talk about what Manchester, city and city-region, is doing to support the development of a low-carbon economy. 2008's Greater Manchester mini-Stern report showed the potential for over £20b of additional economic activity by 2020 if we grasp the opportunities available and there are already around 2,000 companies in this sector in the conurbation with a market value of over £4b. One of the ways of growing the sector is through collaboration and the Chamber's efforts to bring green industry companies together is both timely and welcome.

Then I'm off to Miller Street to the site of the new Co-op headquarters where they are celebrating the end of the foundations stage of what will be one of the greenest buildings in Europe. Manchester has been the home of the Co-op for more than a century and it is really exciting to see a modern and successful Co-op committing to and investing in a sustainable and ethical future for themselves and for the city.

There are 6 responses to “Wet and Windy”

  1. Marc Hudson Says:

    Have plagiarised a bit of this post for the latest "Manchester Climate Fortnightly" Richard, with a photo of you, gasp, cycling!

  2. Pedant Says:

    "miner error". You being ironic?

  3. The Real Pedant Says:

    Pedant, I think you'll find that Mr Leese was either being sarcastic or utilising a basic form of self-deprecating wit. It would have been ironic if Mr Leese was the Secretary for Education and was unable to spell, or if he was an English teacher and unable to spell. I am aware that Mr Leese was indeed an English teacher at one point but still, in this instance, I believe that irony does not apply as Mr Leese has not written his blog entry his capacity as an educator. Also, the obviously deliberate mispelling indicates an attempt at humour, rather than an unwitting mistake. If the spelling error had indeed been a genuine mistake then, given Mr Leese's history as an educator, I would feel slightly inclined to agree that irony applies in this case. Perhaps Mr Leese would be kind enough to shed some light on this subject for us.

  4. Richard Leese Says:

    I was a Maths teacher so what would I know of irony or spelling

  5. this charming manc Says:

    Or humour.

  6. Pete Says:

    . . . or putting question marks at the end of questions



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